Registration rules for the materials presented to the papers collection

Mechanics. Scientific researches and methodical development


Scientific research materials can be included in the collection in the field of the mechanics, executed by staff and students of Universities and Institutes of Higher Education.

The papers text is typed on page of A5 (149x210 mm), Microsoft Word, Time New Roman,10 pt, single spacing. Margin: top 17 mm, bottom 21 mm, left 16 mm, right 15 mm. The first line the title. The second line the initials and surnames of authors and names of the organizations they represent.

Figures, formulas and tables are inserted directly into the papers text (at a set of formulas editor MathType use is undesirable). The list of the literature is placed upon the paper text termination if it is necessary.

The paper volume should not exceed 15 pages.

The summary (up to 150 words) is applied to the paper.


Here is the paper's template.


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